ISCLO 2017

The 5th International Seminar & Conference on Learning Organization

Bandung, 6th September 2017



In early 2016, Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises (SOE’s) have been challenged by Indonesian Government to increase their performances in order to increase Indonesian economic growth. According to Indonesian Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani, State-Owned Enterprises are reflecting the pride of the country, their assets are the symbol of the wealth of the country. She also said that Indonesian Gross Domestic Product is recently US 862 billion, which is rated Indonesia as the 16th world’s largest economy. This position put Indonesia as a country which is more capable maintaining its economic growth than other G20 countries, where this is also confirmed by World Bank that in 2018 Indonesian economic growth will increase by 5.5%.  Therefore the achievement as the 16th largest GDP in the world is supposed to be reflected on the assets of Indonesia, such as its State-Owned Enterprises.

Indonesia as developing country still has to face many challenges to develop its economy. These challenges become the responsibility for all integrated parties in Indonesia. One of the challenges is to encourage and to support Indonesia’s State-Owned Enterprises as the symbol of pride, which their wealth since the Asian crisis, has been fading out through these years, especially those with high technology and defense products.

The changing in rules and regulation, the additional government policy packages and also other contribution from many parties, are supposed to give supports for Indonesian Economic Growth in 2017 especially for Indonesia’s State-Owned Enterprises. The regulation such as Government Regulation PP No.72/2016 on Procedures for State Capital Participation which was issued last year as a revision to PP No. 44/2005,   regulates the mechanism of state capital participation and administration for State Owned Enterprises.

Telkom University is delighted to announce The 5th International Seminar & Conference on Learning Organization with theme “Encouraging State-Owned Enterprises and Strategic Industries with Their Support Systems to Boost Indonesian Economic Growth”. Telkom University as centralized of academicians drives many parties including government, practitioners, and academicians to share and propose the strategic in the learning organization context to boost Indonesian Economic Growth.



  • Business Continuity and Risk Management:
  • Economics And Financial Management
  • Entreupreneurship , Marketing And Strategic
  • Management Operations and innovations
  • Organization  and Sustainable Development:
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Technology and Business Management



Savoy Homann Hotel

Jl. Asia Afrika No.112, Cikawao, Lengkong,

Bandung, Jawa Barat 40261





Dr. Darman Mappangara, MSc.Eng., MBA 

President Director of PT. INTI, Indonesia



Yudi Azis, S.Si., S.E., S.Sos., M.T., Ph.D 

Vice Dean II of Padjajaran University

Lecturer of Padjajaran University (Innovation Strategy in multi sectors)


Jadi Manurung, PhD 

Deputy Director of Strategic Policy Unit at Ministry of Finance, Indonesia



Nivo Yuninda, BSc, MBA 

Manager Human Capital Development and Learning Center, PT. Krakatau Steel, Indonesia



Dodie Tricahyono, Ir., MM., Ph.D
Dean School of Economics and Business

Telkom University


Scientific Commitee

Dr. Ubaidilah Zuhdi
Assistant Professor, Gdank University of Technology, Poland

Dr. Veland Ramadani
South East Europe University, Macedonia

Ratih Dyah Kusumastuti, Ph.D.
University of Indonesia, Indonesia

Dr. Yunieta Anny Nainggolan
School of Business Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung

Dr. Raden Aswin Rahadi
University Terengganu Malaysia

Dr. Fetty Poerwita Sary, SS., M.Pd.
Telkom University, Indonesia

Dr. Nora Amelda Rizal
Telkom University, Indonesia

Dr. Adhi Prasetio
Telkom University, Indonesia

Dr. Arif Partono, Drs., MM., CPHR.
Telkom University, Indonesia




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