For Authors

Participants Targets

The target participant of the Seminar and Conference is 200 participants that comes from:

  1. Academicians
  2. Students
  3. Public
  4. Practitioners


Participants Accommodations

The participants’ accommodations consist of:

  1. Seminar Kit and Material Hand Out
  2. Coffee Break and Lunch
  3. Certificate of Participant



The 5th International Seminar and Conference on Learning Organization (ISCLO) will be held in Hotel Bidakara Grand Savoy Homann Bandung, on September 6th 2017.

Savoy Homann was one of the biggest hotel in South East Asia, and it had became a sojourn place of many distinguished delegations for the occasion of Asia Africa Conference, PATA Conference and Asia Africa Islamic Conference.

Savoy Homann has witnessed historical moment for world history. In 1955, when the first Asian African Conference was held in Bandung, Savoy Homann honorably hosted its VVIP guest and became a part of the famous Historical Walk. Present day Bandung is thriving. As home to the excellent fine arts offerings, have produced an artist colony of great repute and excitements that complemented by its beauty landscapes surrounding.